February 28, 2010 Chat Event Transcript

Note: Many initial pleasantries were omitted from the transcript in interest of space

Órla: It's great to be here.I'm delighted to have this wee chat with you all. I'm blown away by the great turnout here! A big hello to you all wherever you are this evening.Isn't technology great !!!!!

Kelli: Let's get started with the questions...Elizabeth, you are first!

Elizabeth: Hi Orlagh!! Thanks so much for taking this time with us. I really enjoyed meeting you back in December in Atlanta. My question is: If you could only listen to one CD for the rest of your life, what would you pick?

Órla: Wow that's a tough one.Firstly,it was LOVELY to meet you in Atlanta.I don't know if I could have just one.I think I'd make up a CD of all my most loved pieces and there would be a mixture of trad tunes,Joni ,Chopin,Carolan's harp music ,The Chieftains....It'd be a long cd!

Coco: Dear Órlagh, THANK YOU!!!!!! I hope you are doing fine--Thank you sooo much for taking the time and making it possible for us to chat with you once again tonight!!! Thank you for bringing so much joy, hope and love into so many peoples lives!! Question: How do you manage to keep your voice clear through a concert - How do you train your voice to be in a constant state?

Órla: Hello Coco !!! I'm really fussy Coco about taking care of my voice.I do my warm-ups every day.I have a cd of a lesson with my teacher who passed away a year ago and her exercises are amazing.I also try to rest before a concert and if I'm travelling I try not to talk.That's difficult though as you know how much I love to chat.I hope you're well and happy.

Coco: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Thank you!!! I'm doing great!!Thank you and please take care!!!

Órla: You too

Jeanine: Thank you again so much for coming! Do you know if you'll be coming to Chicago area this spring?

Órla: hey Jeanine,I won't be in Chicago this spring.I will be doing a tour but it won't be until the end of the summer/early autumn.I really hope it will work out that you will get to come to the next lot of concerts.We have a lot of fun.

Jeanine: Thanks. Take care and know you are loved!

Órla: Thanks so much Jeanine.You take good care too.xx

Órla: Hey Maggie!

Maggie: How do you cope with off-days when you just feel like curling up with a book and Butlers chocolates while you're touring? You always look so fabulous and stylish! I thought Ding Dong Bell would be on that CD!

Órla: Yes ,there was no one like Ding Dong himself and his Carolan album is glorious.I don't know about the looking stylish bit!! Thanks Maggie.When I'm on a day off that's exactly what I like to do and I also like going to a nice restaurant and having a lovely dinner.I love my food !!

Maggie: Thanks Orlagh - God bless!

Órla: God bless you too !!!

Jan H.: Orlagh, I can hardly wait until I next see you in concert. Congratulations on a beautiful and successful Distant Shore. What can you tell us about your upcoming Christmas album and will it have any harp pieces in it? Jan

Órla: Hey Jan!!! Yes,there will most certainly be some harp pieces.We're just putting the finishing touches to the track listing and I think it should be very nice.I'm starting recording it the last week in March so it's only around the corner.I'm so glad you like Distant Shore

Jan H.: Congrats on the Irish Music Awards too

Órla: Thanks to everyone for voting

DakotaF: Órlagh, one of the things I love in music is drums and I always thought Ray and Nick looked like they had so much fun playing them. I was wondering if you were ever tempted to play on their drums? Also my friend Erin Solange who can't be here says hi.

Órla: Hey Dakota,say hello to Erin.I love drums too.I have had a go on Ray's drums a few times but I think there's only one Ray and Nicky and they absolutely love what they're doing .They're amazing. I'd love to be able to play though.I think it must be a great way to relieve tension,taking it all out on the drums!

DakotaF: Thank you Órlagh

Órla: You're so welcome.Take care.

Ron: Órlagh, it is difficult to find the words to express the joy your music has brought me in the past year, EVERY song on Distant Shore is wonderful. My question will be for my dear friend Lucija Varsic. Luci is an aspiring singer currently in her first year of Music High School in Zagreb, Croatia. She plans to attend the Royal Irish Academy of Music in Dublin. She is currently recording a compilation of her Irish Music favorites. Question: What advice you can offer an aspiring singer to break into professional singing and get an album published in Ireland?

Órla: I'm so delighted that you like the album.I have to say that the music business is a hard one to break into.The Academy in Dublin is wonderful and there are great teachers.I think the most important thing for your friend is to have a good singing technique.I'm not a classical singer but the classical training really helped me to look after my voice.Your friend should try to get out playing with as many musicians as possible and hopefully build up a reputation.It's hard work but I wish your friend every success and happiness in her music!

Ron: Thank you Orlagh!

Órla: Take care Ron

Yang: Hi Orla! Thank you for being here with us... You're my motivation of learning English. My question is... They say you are an alto with a haunting voice. How low can you sing?

Órla: I can sing pretty low.When I was in Celtic Woman David always gave me pretty low notes in the acapella numbers.It's difficult to sing very low notes though and you really have to watch the technique.

Yang: thank you Orla

Bruce: Hello Again Orlagh! Thanks so much for spending time with us. We are all really excited about your new projects. I don't really have a question. I'll see you in Maryland soon! Please travel safe. Thanks also for your incredible kindness..it means a lot to me. All the best to your family! Bless you Dear Lady..oh..here's my question..how long did the macadamia nut kisses last?...LOL..Best of Luck on the 5th also!

Órla: Hey Bruce,the chocs didn't last at all long.They were yummy.Thank-you.Thanks for coming to so many shows and I'm looking forward to seeing you in March. Thanks so much for taking the time to come along.

Jenna: Hi Orlagh, it was great meeting you after the Christmas in the City show in Minneapolis! I don't have a question to ask but I just wanted to wish you good luck with the Irish release of Distant Shore and I hope to catch a solo show on the tour! Keep up the great work, we all appreciate your music so much! --Jenna and Orla the dog in Iowa

Órla: Can I also wish Jenna a very happy birthday !!!

Jenna: Thank You! lol This is a pretty good way to spend a birthday!

Órla: Jenna,it's telepathy!!! We were typing to each other at the same time !! I hope you're having a lovely day as you so deserve it.xxx

Jenna: It's been a great day so far! Thanks!

Órla: I'm delighted !

Barb: Hi Orlagh: Thanks for sharing your time with us. At our last chat, you mentioned that Moya Brennan inspired you to play the harp. Can you share some of your feelings about working with her on the new CD/DVD Music of Ireland? Thanks, Barb

Órla: Hi Barb,It was great to work with Moya.We recorded our interview last summer at her house and then the day after I returned home from the tour in December we recorded Forgotten and Carolan's Welcome on the harp.When we recorded The Rubicon we didn't actually meet so it was great to work together properly this time and we had lots of fun.

Barb: Thanks...we sure love you here in the US

Órla: really love spending time in your great country with you all.You are wonderful and never cease to amaze me with your kindness.

Kelli: Joe is stuck on a train and has intermittent internet. Here is his question: 1) Hi Orlagh. We just wanted to say we're so happy to see how well things have turned out for you. In Conan's last "Tonight show", he tearfully said the following; "If you work extremely hard and you're nice to people, ... Amazing things will happen!" Always think of you when we hear this. 2) Thank you for the recent Christmas concert on Long Island. It was incredibly personal and heart-felt. We were thrilled when we heard you'll be doing a Christmas album. This will give others the opportunity to hear the beautiful music that we heard from Long Island. Mr Ray Fean wrote a beautiful song that you performed on your Distant Shore album. Would you consider performing "Little Drummer Boy" w/ Mr. Fean on your Christmas album? Thanks, Joe

Órla: Hello Joe to you and Kathy.I really had a wonderful time at that concert and was blown away once again by the amazing support of you all and was especially thrilled at the surprise appearance of a certain person !!! I'd love to do The Drummer Boy with Ray but unfortunately our schedules won't permit it this time but I know we will work together again.We are very good friends and Ray's an amazing talent and it's always a privilege to work with him. Thank-you also for the lovely comment.

Linde: Hi Orlagh, my name is Linde and I am from the Netherlands. I am in my first year of University to become and English teacher, it's hard but fun. My favourite subject is listening and speaking cuz I like to talk alot(in high school English used to be my favourite subject), and I was wondering what your favourite subject was back in school?

Órla: Hi Linde,I loved Gaelic,Music and History in school but I suppose Gaelic was my favourite. Good luck with college!

Linde: Thank you so much for answering my question and now I should really get back to my grammar homework!

Órla: Ugh.Good luck with the grammar.xx

Blanca: Hi Orlagh,thanks sooo much for sharing your music with us for taking time to chat with us. I really love Distant Shore,Especially Hard Times. Hi also from my best friend Amy,little sis Jovita, and Rosie Allen from the forum (who hopes you'll be in Seattle in the near future),who couldn't make it today. My question is : I've always thought your name was lovely.Is Orlagh a family name or did your parents just think it was pretty? Thanks,Blanca in Texas

Órla: Hi Blanca,I love Hard Times too.It's a great song.Orlagh isn't a family name at all .My Mother loved the name and my paternal grandmother wasn't impressed when she first heart it because she thought it was Orlan which is some kind of wool !!!! Hello also to Amy,Jovita and Rosie. x

Blanca: lol,about the Wool. thanks so much! Take Care and God bless!

Órla: You take care too.xxx

Norma: Hello from Texas, beautiful lady! We miss you and hope to see you very soon. I have a fashion question. You are always dressed in the most fabulous and unique clothing. Who designs your clothes, or are you just an amazing shopper?

Órla: Hi Norma,I hope you and Charlie are both well.Thanks so much for the lovely comment about the clothes.I am a bit of a clothes addict I have to confess. There is an amazing shop near me and I buy a lot of stuff there.I like things that are a bit quirky and vintage looking. I have to confess that I love to shop !!!!

Norma: It shows! But you'd look great in anything! We love you. Thanks for chatting. God Bless!

Órla: I don't know about that Norma.Great chatting to you.Take care.xx

Melis: Dearest Orlagh, Thank you again for taking the time out of what I am sure is a busy schedule. I dont have a question, but just wanted to tell you what a pleasure and a privilege it was to meet you in Atlanta and getting to hear you sing and play. May God Bless You and Keep You!! MWAH! -Melissa

Órla: It was wonderful to meet you too Melissa.Thanks so much for coming along and hopefully I will get to meet you again.

Melis: I hope so too!

Randy: Orlagh, Thank you for having this chat with us. Do you know if you will be giving any concerts in the Denver or Salt Lake City area in the near future. Really enjoyed Distant Shore and the Christmas songs this year. Can't wait for your new Christmas Album. Thanks and safe journeys this year.

Órla: I will get on to Denny about it.I love both areas and have wonderful memories of performing there with Celtic Woman so hopefully I will get back there Randy.

Randy: Bless you and John

Órla: Thanks Randy.Blessings to you too

Gaby: Hi, Orlagh. First of all, I hope you had a good holiday. I got your CD as a Christmas gift and am truly enjoying it. My question is One: Is there one song you love but have never got to sing just yet and two: Have you seen the new CW special? Also, Alyssa my little sis says "Hi!" It happens to be her 19th birthday today.

Órla: Can you wish Alyssa a very happy birthday? I suppose my favourite song happens to be "Both Sides Now." I've never recorded it and really hope I get the chance to some day.I've been performing it in concert as a duet with Tommy Fleming this week-end and it got a huge response from the audience . I saw bits of the new show on tv when I was on tour and it looks amazing.

Gaby: I will let Alyssa know. Thanks so much, Orlagh! You are awesome

Órla: You're so welcome.

Justin: Friendly Greetings from Justin/Albuquerque, NM, USA Orlagh, your home garden (making it green and growing)--another fan desired a photo. At its prime, might you pose beside your garden -- as a suitable picture logo for "Orla's Garden" (with Kelli's approval). "Now, I'll conclude with a wish you go well ... and I wish we were with you, again." Happy St. Patrick's, Orlagh! p.s. After Baltimore, Ray Fean sends well wishes back to you after the CW show here in November.

Órla: Hello Justin.I'm afraid my garden isn't too green at the moment.We've had so much frost and cold weather ,it's in a very sorry looking state.I did an interview for The Examiner newspaper recently and they came and took a photo of me in my veg garden.I think it's out next week and I will send the link to Kells when I get it.

Justin: Super! Thanks and return soon.

Emily: Hello Órlagh! Thank you again for your Distant Shore CD. I know mine is getting good use! No question from me. I just want to say good luck in all your ventures this year, and that we're looking forward to it! Also, I hope your garden bounces back after all this crazy weather (sorry to hear that the frost hit it hard)!--Emily/Bluefire

Órla: Thanks so much Emily and I'm delighted that you're enjoying the album.Take care.

Gary B: Orlagh, we know that you can speak Gaelic--do you speak it much when you are home in Ireland or does everyone use English?

Órla: Belated happy birthday to you ! Sadly they don't speak it where I'm living and it's amazing,I was filming something last week over in Galway for a Gaelic TV show and I was nervous as I hadn't spoken Gaelic for so long.It was lovely to be there and speaking the language.I was in the town that day and all around me people were speaking Gaelic which was wonderful.

Gary B: Thank You!!!! Hope to meet you someday!!

John: Orla, first let me say how wonderful it was to meet you in Cleveland last December! Thank you for your birthday greeting for Mairead you gave us to use in our video birthday card to her, which we are presently preparing! Have you at this point received your awards from the Irish Music Association? No doubt they will be suitable for display!John-Starman, Lexington, KY

Órla: Hi John,it was lovely to meet you too! The awards haven't arrived yet but I will take a photo of them for you all when they do.I can't wait and thanks for all the support!

John: Thank you! I look so much forward to seeing you again soon!

Órla: You too John

Beverly: Hi Orlagh! I technically have 2 questions, but one is really, really short! First, do you think you will ever be having a concert in North Carolina, South Carolina or maybe Georgia? I am saving my money just in case you do! Now, my main question is: I am writing a book called "My Life as a Poet" and I want to know if you would mind if I dedicate it in part to you, and if you would give me permission to tell how I feel about your music in my book. I will give you a free copy, of course! Ha! Ha!

Órla: Hi Beverly,I know that I will be doing a concert in one of the Carolinas in December. I can't remember which one though !!! I'd be honoured about the book !!

Beverly: You have such a lovely heart--it shines through in all you do! Thank you so much for talking with us today. I will be seeing you in December--my birthday is Dec. 4th so that will be a fantastic present! God bless you!

Órla: take care Beverly

Lucija: Hi Orlagh! I am Lucija. I'm 17 and from Croatia.I've been singing for almost all my life. I am very dedicated to singing and music and I take it really seriously.The joy you have in singing and playing the harp shine through.I admire your ability of putting all your energy and emotions into the songs and really give it your all. I plan to engage with music in Ireland.And I am a huge fan of Celtic Woman and you, Órlagh. You melt my soul with your singing from the heart and with such a pleasant peace about your face. Question: besides the Royal Irish Academy of Music do you have any other recommendations, preferably in Ireland, for professional preparation or anything else to help me to become a professional singer?

Órla: Hi Lucija,I really think it's important to get as much experience on stage as possible. If you can do concerts and play with other musicians here it will give you wonderful experience and also help you to make contacts with other musicians.Good luck with it all and try to play and sing as much as possible.

Lucija: Thank you Orlagh! Take care of yourself. Lots of love.

Taylor: Cead mile failte, Orla! Nár lagaí Dia do lámh! Go rabh maith agat SO much for coming here to chat with us today! Over the course of your tours, you have been able to see so many places that America has to offer. I was curious as to whether or not my state, Tennessee made any lasting impressions on you? We have Memphis and Nashville and my hometown, Chattanooga, all cities with music so heavily ingrained in its culture. Second quick question: Luke Kelly or Ronnie Drew? Síochán leat! Hope those Irish blessings came out right!

Órla: Taylor,maith thú! The blessings are great ! I love Franklin which is close to Nashville and I almost think of it as my home away from home.I loved that it's so steeped in history and I love all the quaint buildings.It's really lovely.I have to confess that I can't decide between either of the lads.They were both remarkable talents.

Taylor: Go rabh maith agat, Orla! I prefer Luke Kelly's Rocky Road to Dublin, but Ronnie's Auld Triangle. God Bless You!

The Leprechaun: It's hard to think that you are a normal human like us. What would you do if you didn't sing or play the harp? Also, be sure to read the song I wrote in your subforum called Crucified.

Órla: I think I'd be a dotty old gardener !!!!!!

The Leprechaun: Thanks for your response.

Órla: You're very welcome.

Jennie: Órlagh, thanks for coming out to talk to us!!!! I've always wanted to meet you since I first listened to Celtic Woman. My favorite song that you performed is Carrickfergus. I've been singing ever since I was a little girl, although I am still very young--16.I hope to join with my school chorus and others to perform in Carnegie Hall next spring . My question is this: Do the changing time zones and "jet lag" ever really get to you? Or is it relatively easy with your tour schedule? Jenifer(Jennie)

Órla: Hi Jennie,I suppose I'm so used to all the travelling now ,it doesn't take as much out of me as it used to.I do find it much more difficult getting back into sleep patterns when I come home from the west coast though.I wish you every success singing in Carnegie Hall.It's a wonderful place.

Jennie: Thanks, Órlagh!!! God Bless YOU!!! I hope to meet you, if you ever come to Florida in the near future. Love you lots!!!

Ruby: Hello, Órlagh. I enjoy your music very much. I teach music at an elementary school and I like to play your music for my students when I can. My 6 year olds love to dance to "Eleanor Plunkett." I am curious about your time as a teacher. What ages did you teach and did you enjoy the experience?

Órla: Hi Ruby,I will think of all your little students dancing every time I play Eleanor from now on !I started teaching in secondary school which ranges from 12-18 but I then taught Music to little one from about 6-12.I enjoyed it all but I really loved the little ones. They were great fun.

Ruby: Thank you so much for sharing your talent with all of us. I'm looking forward to your tour and hope to meet you then!

Órla: I really hope we get to meet.

Ellen: Hi Orlagh. I enjoy your CD's so much. The music you compose is so uplifting and hopeful. Will you be performing more of your own music in future concerts or recordings ? Hope your next tour will bring you my way. Thanks for chatting, Ellen in Connecticut

Órla: Hi Ellen,I'm delighted that you like the original music.I'd like to introduce more of it gradually and hope I make it to Connecticut some day.

Ellen: Hope to meet you then.

Órla: You too.

Howard: hello Orlagh, it was a pleasure meeting you in West Palm Beach, Beautiful World show. And Sandy Harlow who could not be here sends her best. Question which language do you enjoy singing in the most? And I hope the greatest success with your Distant Shore cd coming up in Ireland. Take Good Care of Yourself!

Órla: Hello Howard,it was lovely to meet you too ! I love singing but I really love singing in Gaelic.Say hello to Sandy for me.

Howard: Will do Orlagh. Thank You...Happy St. Patricks Day!!!

Maria: Hey Orla, I am the one who asked you something to use in a raffle, the manager of Celtic Woman Brasil team, my name is Maria. I wanted to thank you for the pics you sent me and to say that your support is enough for us. What do you think about the fans that dedicate part of their time to spread about you and your job in here--Brazil?

Órla: Hello Maria,Thank-you SO much for all your wonderful support in Brazil.I think it is amazing that so many people give so generously of their time to support me and my Music.Thank-you so much!

Maria: Thank you Orla, it is good to me to know that you support us. I am trembling in here lol

Órla: I really think you are great!

Melissa: Hi Orla my name's Melissa and I love your voice. What made you decide to start singing?

Órla: Hi Melissa,I never really decided to sing.It was just something that I have always loved and it's so much a part of me that I couldn't imagine my life without it.

Melissa: Thanks Orla. Take care.

Órla: You too Melissa.

Kelli: Kasey unexpectedly got stuck in a classroom today. Here is his question: Let me just start off by saying YOU ROCK!!!!!!!! Congrats on the Irish Music Awards. Good Afternoon. Just wanted to know how are you doing? I hope all is well.

Órla: Can you please pass on a HUGE hello to Kasey and tell him that he rocks much more than I do.I hope he is really well and send him and his mom LOTS of love.xxxxx

Kelli: Ha ha, will do, Orlagh

Ania-biruta: Dear Orla, I love your music, your songs. They are really calm, magic. I understand your songs without words! (I don't understand many English words). My question is:How do you remember years in music school? Did you like theoretical subjects?Do you remember any funny history from this years? I write poems and you music incredible inspires me! I have one poem for you, It's about beautiful music. I sent it to you on Christmas, but I couldn't translate it, so you probably don't understand it. Sorry for my English. Greetings from Poland--I hope that one day you can come to my country. P.S Do you know, that we have in Poland also the letter "ó" ?

Órla: Hello Biruta,thank -you so much for sending me on the poem. I felt honoured that you sent it.Your English is very good. I had lots of fun in school learning music and have many happy memories of times spent with my amazing teachers and friends.I will carry these memories in my heart forever.

Ania-biruta: Thank you! Oiche mhaith!!

Órla: Can I just say a HUGE thanks to Kelli for putting this together.It was a huge task. Thanks so much to Lindsey for the gorgeous chat-room and to my wonderful friends Rich,Chris and Zee.