Special Event Announcement!

Chat online with Orla Fallon!

Orla's Garden is proud to announce that we will be hosting a special online chat with the very lovely Orla Fallon! This event will take place on Sunday, February 28, 2010 at 8:00 pm Irish time (which is 3:00 pm Eastern Standard Time - 12:00 Pacific, 1:00 Mountain, 2:00 Central and 9:00 in Western Europe).

Orla's Garden owes a great debt to Lindsey and Rich for making this possible, and to Zee and Chris for helping out. Huge thanks also to Orla for loving her fans enough to want to chat with us again!

For those of you who have attended chats before, it will be much like those held on the Celtic Woman Forum. There will be a couple of important differences, so here goes with all the fine print:

*This chat will not take place on the Celtic Woman Forum. Instead, it will take place in a brand-spanking new chatroom on the Orla's Garden fansite. HUGE thanks to Lindsey for her expertise in making this happen!

*On the day of the chat, the link to the chatroom will be posted on the CWF and on Orla's Garden. On the day of the chat, we will create a special room for the event. Admission will be by pre-registration only and the room will be password protected. Registered attendees will be given the password just before the chat begins. Attendance will be limited to 40 people, plus administrators, moderators and, of course, Orla.

*The Orla's Garden chatroom is different from the CWF chat in one important way. Any user name can be chosen to enter the main room, and no password (for the main room) is needed. However, and this is important, we ask that you use your CWF user name or your first name. To not do so risks Kelli not recognizing you and not sending you the password to access the special event room!

*To register, send Kelli an email at kelli@orlasgarden.com. As registrations come in, they'll be posted on Orla's Garden, until the maximum number is reached. Attendees will be permitted to ask one question, in the order they register. Based on our experience from the previous events, we urge you to prepare your question in advance - possibly in a text file - so you can simply copy and paste it into the chat. You might want to prepare two or three, in case someone asks your first choice before you. Orla's time is limited, so more people will have an opportunity to ask her a question if we can proceed rapidly through the list.


These live events can become somewhat chaotic, so the event will be strictly moderated. Here are the rules for the chat with Orla:

*Sign-up is required.

*Orla may want to make a few opening remarks. Attendees may then take a few moments to greet her and thank her for coming.

*Once we say we are ready to start the question and answer period, all unrelated chatter will stop.

*We will call each person's name in the order in which they registered. Orla will then post her responses. Please give her time to finish her response. Do not post your question until your name is called.

*Please use common sense when choosing a question to ask. Please don't intrude upon her privacy with your question.

*If you are not present when your name is called, you will be shuttled to the end of the list.

*Anyone who sends Orla a private message will be immediately removed from the chat.

*Please do not send a private message to the administrators or moderators, as we will be quite busy.

*Attendees who arrive late are asked to enter quietly. Do NOT immediately start posting!

*We will save the chat transcript and post it on Orla's Garden, so everyone can read and save it.

*These rules will be posted in the chat room at the start of the session.

The transcript of this chat event can be found here: Chat Transcript