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Concert Announcement

April 18, 2015

The Irish are lucky indeed! Órla has announced that she will appear in concert at the National Concert Hall in Dublin on 29 July 2015! Click here for more information! https://www.nch.ie/Online/Orla-Fallon-29Jul15

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Lullaby Time

November 19, 2012

Órla has a new CD! Click on the photo to order!

Lullaby Image

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The stork has landed!

September 3, 2012

Freddie was born on September 3rd. We understand that baby's first note was perfectly pitched! LOL Mum, Da, and baby are all doing well.

We couldn't be happier for Orla and John. Could a baby be born into a more loving home?! We think not! Of course, we are ever so slightly partial here at Orla's Garden! LOL

Again, join with us in congratulating the new parents and welcoming Freddie into this world!!

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MUM'S THE WORD!!!!!!!!*

April 23, 2012

With Mother's Day in the USA right around the corner, the timing couldn't be better to give all our Gardeners a little gift - and it's NOT a free Mum for your flower beds!!

Orla has honored us by letting Orla's Garden be the first to publicly announce the good news...drum roll...


Are you done jumping up and down and howling with delight yet?!!! LOL

The baby is due in September and she and hubby John are thrilled to say the least. We can't think of anyone who would make a better Mum than Orla or Da than John. This is going to be one lucky baby!!!

If you would like to send a card congratulating Orla and John and wishing them well, you can send it to Zee by May 1st (note the deadline!) and she will see that they are delivered to the parents- to- be.

Órla Fallon

c/o Susan Zaleski

P. O. Box 1353

West Chester, PA 19380


We would like to thank Orla and John for giving us the tremendous honor of announcing the impending birth of their first child. It means the world that you entrusted us with relaying this wonderful news to your fans first on Orla's Garden. We love you both and couldn't be happier for you!!!!!

"Aunts to Be" Kelli and Zee

*Sorry, we couldn't resist the pun!


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Show review by Mikey

November 11, 2011

This review will be covering two of Órla's California shows, October 27th, 2011 in Malibu and October 29th, 2011 in Irvine. My review mostly blends the two shows into one, with distinct occurrences between the two mentioned.

The Show

Opening act- Tin Cup Gypsy

"Ain't That Peculiar" Tin Cup Gypsy (TCG) started out the show with this number, a fast-paced, toe-tapper that is easy to clap along to. It was an excellent number to start the show with. Afterwards, Jonathan mentioned how much they were enjoying the southern California weather. A tweet from them revealed that they went sea fishing on the day in between shows. I hope they enjoyed themselves enough to come back.

"She Just Is" Jonathan wrote this song for Cassandra, the reason being at times she can be quite forgetful, and can lose important things, but he loves her anyway, because "She Just Is." It's a really sweet song, with a laid back beat. A nice one to have. After the song in Malibu, Cassandra said that she might just have to write a song about Jonathan because of this one. In Irvine she said that he could say whatever he wanted, just as long as it pays the bills.

"Death Came Knocking" While introducing this one Cassandra said in mid-September it was the one year anniversary of them as group. In Irvine her sister was in the audience and dedicated the song to her, as she sang lead. It has a darker beat to it, with a slight eerie feel to it, matching the title perfectly.

"To the Sea" Jonathan said how Órla described this song as "Irish sounding" and I can hear that, with one singing about losing one's love "To the Sea." It was a nice ballad to have in their set.

"Chase the Sun" Jonathan said that back home in Nashville, this song would be labeled as a "barn burner." I don't think we have a phrase of similar meaning here in California, but it was an excellent way to end their set with a bang. I think he even mentioned once again how much they loved the California sun. It was another fast-paced, toe-tapper that had the entire audience clapping along.

Main act- Órla

"Mo Ghile Mear" Órla's version of this song has a more folk-ish sound to it than I'm used to, and I love it. It sets the mood perfectly for her show. After the song was over she welcomed us and started to introduce us to the show, and at the end she said she was so happy to see friends in the audience. When I spoke to her in Malibu I told her I would be at the Irvine show, and at this point in Irvine she turned to me and waved (that was AWESOME!) I waved back, not knowing if she was waving to me or someone behind me, but in my mind she was waving to me.

"Distant Shore" A Dan Shea original, and I love this one. It was the first song I heard by Órla after she left Celtic Woman. For me it has the perfect place being near the beginning of the show, because I get the feeling that something wonderful is about to start.

"Two Sisters" Órla taught us a line to this song, "I'll be true unto my love, if he'll be true to me" and told us to sing along when the time came. It was a fun song to hear and sing along to, even though it has a sad ending for the two sisters.

"An Mhaighdean Mhara (The Mermaid)" Órla told us a story about this one. She said it was about a man and a mermaid who fell in love and started a family. One day the children found a cloak along the beach and brought to their mother, asking what it was. It reminded her of her love for the sea, and ultimately her love for the sea was too great, so the mermaid left her family for it. And this song is a lament for the family. I recognized it as a song from her first album, "The Water is Wide," but with a very noticeable and wonderful difference, Amberly's beautiful violin adding harmony.

"Morning Has Broken" When they decided to include this on the CD and recorded it in the studio, Órla said it wasn't sounding right. So Dan told her to sing it as you would sing it, not like Cat Stevens. So she did, and if you've heard the CD you would know it turned out beautifully. Órla and Dan couldn't remember if Cat Stevens recorded it in the 60s or 70s, so Órla just made the comment, "well, either way..." and then using the palms of her hands she fluffed the bottom of her hair and added, "it was before my time." That got a laugh from the audience.

"Eleanor Plunkett - Trip to Shanbally - Michael O'Dwyer's" This one was the only fully instrumental song in the show, and it had three parts to it. Órla was wonderful at the harp, and with no vocals I could truly enjoy how excellent of a harp player she really is. I also enjoyed watching her flip the switches on her harp to change the key for the next part. How she flips the right ones and all the ones that she needs in the short time given is fascinating.

"Spanish Lady" Órla said the next song was about the most famous Spanish lady to ever wander through Dublin. She also said she was delighted to perform this one with the legendary Dubliners on her DVD, but when she asked them to tour with her, the answer they gave her, in a very thick Irish accent, was, "we'd love to, Órla, but our future's behind us." After the song Órla said, "she's certainly well loved, that Spanish lady."

(Song about Patrick) This was a song I never heard before. It had an Irish name and Órla said it was a song about Patrick, and that she likes to dedicate it to the Patrick's in the audience. Órla found a Patrick to dedicate it to in Malibu, but unfortunately could not find one in Irvine. I don't remember much about the song, but it was a slower piece, and a very nice one.

"A' Soalin (Soul Cake)" Even though this is traditionally a Christmas song, Órla went on to say that around Christmas time people would go around saying 'Christmas is getting near and the goose is getting fat' and others would say 'if you haven't got a penny, a ha' penny will do, and if you haven't got a ha' penny then God bless you.,' which are lyrics in the song. And those people going around asking for pennies, Órla said the term was called 'fiddle facing' (I think I got it right?) and it would be similar to how people here go trick-or-treating on Halloween, bringing relevance from the song to this Halloween weekend in October. It was a fun and lively song to end the first act, and the ending was even extended to include a violin jam, between Amberly, Jordan, and Jonathan. Órla referred to them as 'the meanest fiddlers I know.'

"Down to the River to Pray" After a twenty minute intermission, it was onto the only a cappella song of both nights. It was a very good song. All of the vocalists harmonize so beautifully. It then went right into a quicker paced number, one that I had never heard before. Jonathan had much of the lead vocals, and he used the word "Kentucky" a lot.

"I'll Fly Away" Órla said how with much of today's modern music, including country, originated from Celtic music, much like this song.

"Tennessee Waltz" After hearing this one for the first time, Órla said she couldn't help but sing along, and eventually Amberly caught on and started singing it as well, and Órla felt bad for Dan who had to listen to them harmonize in the back seat (I would gladly drive that car anywhere). TCG, having come from Nashville, already knew it, and with it being such a nice song they decided to include it in the fall portion of the tour. Órla also mentioned how Cassandra felt this song felt like a lovely warm hug, and at this point during the Irvine show, Órla dedicated this song to Kelli and Zee. After it was over, Órla said that during the song, she would look over at Amberly and see her dancing along and it would make her want to dance with someone, so she would "ask Jonathan to dance, but he always goes..." and then Órla shook her head, no. I saw Jonathan doing that and I wondered what was going on, and now I know.

"Dancing in the Moonlight" Órla said she came up with the idea for this song while in her kitchen. That was the second song she said that for, and she even made a joke that she spends a lot of time there. She described how it was about falling in love for the first time and the wonderful way it feels. I have yet to experience that feeling but I do like to listen to the song and dream.

"Simple Love" Órla described the relationship she had with her grandfather, and how he was a post man, and he always wore a cap, and how he always rode a high-nelly bicycle because he never learned to drive. And she added that she thought the high-nelly bikes were the "coolest bikes ever." This song reminds her of him.

"Red is the Rose (duet with Jonathan)" Órla began by saying that in Ireland when people use the word "mighty" they mean great, and she went on to say that her band was "one mighty bunch." Órla shared the mic with Jonathan with this one, and he did a fantastic job. Those two sound beautiful together. After the song Órla held her hand to her heart and said, "he gets me there every time," Jonathan was that good.

"Ní Na La" In Irvine Órla said they couldn't come to Orange County without an Irish drinking song. Among all the fast toe-tappers for the nights, this one was the fastest of them all. Órla even invited any dancers to come to the front or dance in the aisles if they wished, but unfortunately neither audiences unveiled any.

"Isle of Inisfree" Órla said whenever she got together with her father and she would sing for him, that this is one that he would always request. It is a beautiful song, and Órla said she even brought it to David's attention when he was looking for songs for the first Celtic Woman show.

"I'll Tell Me Ma" I have written in my notes "give it socks." I know it's something Órla said, but at the moment I can't remember what she meant by it. If she meant to tell the band 'give it all you've got,' then they most certainly gave it everything they had. The entire theater was into in, clapping along, making it a great song for the finale. Amberly and Cassandra were having a fun time dancing along, as well, and I think this was the song where Jordan had a nice solo in it.

"The Parting Glass" After standing ovations on both nights, Órla and her crew came out once more for an encore. It was a nice farewell song to end the evening. Towards the end, things were sped up and Amberly came center stage to show us some of her best Irish dancing. She was amazing and I loved her golden smile. The tempo calmed back down and the show ended with its grand finale. Standing ovations once more for both nights, and after Órla gave recognition to her awesome band, they exited the stage and it was over.

Meet & Greets

Malibu- I hadn't seen Órla since I saw her last in March so it was nice to see her again. She was as sweet as always, and once while in between meet & greeters she saw me in line and waved (I like it when she does that). I was last in line and she thanked me for waiting and I told her she was definitely worth waiting for, and then she called me a shooting star! She asked me if I enjoyed the show, and I said of course I did, but I was a little sad that some of my favorites were not in it, "Shenandoah/The Water is Wide" and "Shooting Star," and she said a lot of people comment about "Shooting Star," so maybe there's hope for it being in a future show. After my meet with Órla was finished, I went to look for Amberly and the members of Tin Cup Gypsy but they had already left.

Irvine- the M&G for the Irvine show was rescheduled to after the show and I didn't know why. During the show I noticed after several songs, Órla would step away from the mic and cough into her arm, and I got the feeling that the M&G was rescheduled because Órla was under the weather. This was confirmed at the rescheduled M&G by Rory, Órla's tour manager, who said Órla was having issues with her voice, and she was instructed by a doctor not to talk. He asked us to keep the M&G short and brief to expect Órla not to say anything. Órla, on the other hand, had other ideas and started chatting right away with the very first greeter. Rory kept telling her, "don't talk! Don't talk!" But she continued to do it anyway. Bless her heart. When it came to our turn, Glenn showed Órla her portrait and she was amazed by it. It was hers to keep, but she decided she would rather have it raffled off and donate the proceeds to ALS research.

Earlier in the day TCG had tweeted they tried to convince Órla to go to In-N-Out but it didn't work. After the show, they posted a correction: "@tincupgypsy: Correction to last status: upon walking back on the bus we caught Orla hovering over an In-N-Out bag, looking guilty." I took that as a sign that Órla was feeling better.

I want to end my review by saying that before this year the only concerts I had been to were Celtic Woman concerts, a big production type show, with huge sets, a band and choir, and four soloists. I knew Órla's show would be much smaller, and have a more intimate atmosphere. I bought tickets to three of her shows and I wondered how much I would enjoy it. Would like love it? Would I like? Would I want to see it three times, or even twice in one week? My worries were put to rest at the very first show. I enjoyed it right from the beginning, and after it was over I even thought, "I wish she was performing tomorrow because I want to see it again!" So I was very much looking forward to these two shows, and I'm sad that these are my last Órla shows this year. Just to clarify, I also enjoy Celtic Woman very much and love the two equally. They are different shows with different personalities, but both amazing. I hope the day never comes when both are scheduled on the same day and I have to choose one over the other. So in case anyone has yet to see Órla, if you are a fan of good Irish music, you will love this so go see her!

Lastly, Órla learned a word upon coming over the States, and she said it is her favorite one, "y'all," and she used it several times throughout the show. So to use Órla's favorite word, thanks y'all for reading!

Mikey and Orla

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Exciting Update from Órla's manager!

October 25, 2010

Dear Órla Fallon Fans:

Órla and I wanted to share this information with each of you first.

It's been a very exciting and busy past few months in Órla's world. We taped a Christmas special in Nashville in early September for Public Television in the United States. Less than two weeks later, we were on location in and around Ireland taping a second Public Television special for release next year. Both specials - "Órla Fallon's Celtic Christmas" and "My Land - Starring Órla Fallon" - were produced by the Elevation Group and are being presented across the United States by WLIW 21 in association with WNET.org.

The Christmas show stars Órla and features appearances and duets with Méav, David Archuleta from American Idol, the Original Riverdance choir - Anúna and country singer Mark Wills. There is a DVD and CD attached to this program and 20-time Grammy Award winner, 18-time CMA Award winner and Country Music Hall of Famer, Vince Gill, makes a special appearance on the CD for a duet of "Little Drummer Boy" with Órla.

Órla's second show scheduled to debut in March, features an all Irish cast that includes the legendary Dubliners, Tommy Fleming, Damien Dempsey and the Dublin Gospel Choir. A perfect way to lead us Americans into St. Patrick's Day!

I am happy to say that nearly 100 markets have already committed to airing the Christmas show starting Thanksgiving weekend. From New York in the east to Los Angeles in the west...From Boston in the north to Miami in the south, Órla will be in your living room from November 27 thru December 25.

As you know, these programs succeed based on pledge donor support. The driving force behind pledge donations are concert tickets...And that means touring...And boy does Órla plan to tour. The 2011 Tour will kick off on March 24th in Salt Lake City and continue through May 2 hitting 20 markets. Then in the Fall, Órla will start a 28-city tour in Memphis on September 22 and end in Florida in the middle of November.

And if you are dying to see Órla in concert before the end of the year, she is performing "two shows only" in Statesville, NC on December 4 and Rockport, MA on December 10. Tickets are available now for both shows.

We are thrilled with the support we are receiving from Public Television as well as Tourism Ireland. Neither program would be possible without their support. We also have planned great promotional visibility nationwide at Barnes & Noble, Borders, Amazon.com, iTunes and thousands of independent gift stores.

I have attached a promo clip of the Christmas show. We hope you enjoy it.

Órla and I cannot thank each of you enough for all the support you have shown Órla over the past several years.

Finally, please check back to http://www.orlafallon.com/ on November 1 for all details related to autographed pre-order CDs, DVDs, Public Television markets and airdates and 2011 concert information.

Kindest regards,

Denny Young

(Refresh page to play again.)

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PBS Special Taping!!

August 14, 2010

Órla has announced that she'll be taping a Christmas special for PBS!! The private event will be in Nashville on September 2, 2010. Please go to Órla's official website to learn how to request tickets.

More information here: http://www.orlafallon.com/

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Happy St. Patrick's Day from Green Hill Music!!

March 2, 2010

Green Hill Music is offering Órla's fans a free song for St Patrick's Day! Please follow the link below to download the fun song, Two Sisters. Thank you so much Green Hill and Órla!!

Two Sisters

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Music of Ireland--Welcome Home

February 10, 2010

Órla will be a guest on an exciting new PBS special entitled "Music of Ireland--Welcome Home." According to Denny Young, the executive producer, "This is about a country, its people, their undeniable spirit and the amazing music that has transcended generations. There is no place like Ireland." The special is hosted by none other than Moya Brennan and features an interview with Órla. Also featured is a duet with Órla and Moya, "Forgotten." Click Play on the music player below for a stunning clip:

The list of Irish talent involved in this project is truly extraordinary!

A CD and DVD will be available exclusively from Barnes and Noble. The digital download is exclusive to Amazon. Please go to the Discography page to order this exciting CD and DVD.

For more information:

Music of Ireland website

Music of Ireland Facebook page

Music of Ireland article

A fantastic article on the documentary

Music of Ireland Billboard article

Photo credit: Jennifer Young; used with kind permission.
Órla Fallon, Executive Producer Denny Young, and Moya Brennan

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Quick update

February 1, 2010

Órla has announced that she will be releasing Distant Shore in Ireland on March 5, 2010. We know the Irish will fall in love with the CD as well!

Órla also announced that she is commencing work on a NEW CD made up of Christmas music! How lucky are we?!

More information can be found on Órla's official website.

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Breaking News! Órla sweeps the US-based Irish Music Awards!!

As members of this fansite's mailing list know, Órla was nominated in no less than FOUR categories of the Irish Music Awards. Our work and cooperation netted her more nominations than any other artist, and she won EVERY single award we nominated her for! I am proud of our fansite members. And to Órla? Congratulations, girl, you deserve this!!!

More information can be found on the Irish Music Awards website.

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Kelli's Report from Long Island, December 2009

Try as I might, I can't stop my head from spinning from my recent trip to hear Órla sing on Long Island at the beautiful St Patrick's Church. This trip was like a dream on so many levels. Like a dream, I'm having trouble getting it to coalesce in to organized thought. Please bear with me, and hold on for the ride!

When I first learned that Órla would be performing at the concert I was beyond excited for her, but didn't see how I could go. I had a trip planned to New York the week before. Living on a fixed income, taking two trips in two weeks did not seem feasible. Well, there are certain things Zee does not take no for an answer on...and this was one. A large portion of the costs of this trip was borne by Zee as a Christmas present...I can never thank her enough for that, and might I add she has excellent taste in Christmas gifts! Zee, I know I would have really regret it if I hadn't been able to hear Órla sing this tour...thank you so much for spoiling me rotten like this!

With the decision made, I decided I wanted to surprise Órla, if it could be pulled off! I am so very blessed to have a beautiful friendship with Órla, and she knows me pretty well. This would indeed add some challenge! I never mentioned my attendance (or lack thereof) in any emails to Órla...and thankfully she never asked! She did mention really hoping I could make it to a show on her next tour... and I smiled inwardly...hee hee, gotcha! I did mention it to her manager Denny, but asked him to keep it quiet. Thanks, Denny, you rock!!

Finally, the time came to leave for the trip. The flights out there certainly presented their own adventures!! I had a connection in Cincinnati. I love that airport, but the connection was close. It takes me significantly longer now to do anything, and more planning is required. This tight connection had me anxious, but I was more than a little determined! I have to give a quick shout out to the various strangers at various airports who would see me struggling and offer assistance. In my case, it sometimes takes a village!

The first flight was great...the attendant welcomed us to the "Starship Enterprise". Then I realized that they had soothing music playing throughout the airplane. Guess who it was! Jim Brickman! This was a good sign, to be sure. Though that theory was about to be tested!

This flight was going to be 15 minutes late, leaving me 45 minutes to get to the next gate. Cutting it a LITTLE close! Upon arrival at Cincinnati, I asked at the gate where my connection was...one terminal over, about 20 gates down. "But don't rush" said the attendant, "You have plenty of time...that flight doesn't leave for a couple of hours!" Huh? Well, I'll suss that out later...right now the most important thing on my mind was right through the doorway marked "WOMEN"!

I then headed to a screen listing all Departures; my flight was cancelled, and the next one was leaving in a couple of hours. I assumed they rebooked me on that one midair. This was great, as now I could have a leisurely lunch.

After lunch I headed to the new gate to ask about a new boarding pass. As she was printing one out, she let me know there would be "a delay". I guess the new plane hadn't left Philly yet due to mechanical issues. I'd much rather have a delay than more mechanical issues. Besides, it was only an hour or so.

And then another hour.

And then another.

Before I knew it, my one hour layover had become five hours. End of story? Ohhhh, nooooooo... Add one more hour. Oh, and NOW they want volunteers to take a flight tomorrow because the flight is overbooked and overweight! Surely they might have known this, oh, five hours or so ago? ;o)

FINALLY I'm boarded...yay! I'm settled in my seat. Seven minutes later, another message from the flight deck. Can you believe it? Someone apparently did some math and realized the crew had been working too long according to FAA regulations. The passengers were all ready, but this crew wasn't going anywhere! They told us to stay in our seats while they "scrambled" (their word) for a new crew.

Five minutes later a message from the flight deck: "Folks, I have an update, and you're not gonna like it!" Oh great. The new flight crew has been located, but THEY have to fly in from New York! Now, just so we're clear, I was not mad; I wasn't even upset. This is why I travel the day before if I can, and NOTHING (except not getting there) was going to ruin my mood. My only thought was to wonder WHY someone couldn't have had a new crew ready to go since they had quite a bit of notice. So, we are ushered back off the plane, collect our bags from the gate check area, and head back into the airport.

We THEN learn that they've decided to not only change out crews, but planes...to a smaller plane... from a plane that was already overbooked. At that point I was just laughing at the ridulosity of it (yes, that's a new word). I was lucky and got a seat...and after a full 9 hours in the Cincy airport...was on my way to Philly. THIS is how much I adore Órla Fallon!

In Philly I got the shuttle to my hotel and did only one thing. I emailed Órla to wish her well on her final show. Mwahaha, now my preparations were complete! I crashed, sleeping the moment my head hit the pillow. Before I knew it, I was up again and getting ready for the big day! Zee arrived after working a half day, and we began the three hour drive to the concert. We were coordinating dinner and meeting up with Bruce, Joe, Kathy, Mike, and his friend Brad. As an aside, Bob, I wish I had known you were there; I would have loved to meet you!!

St Patrick's Church

When we arrived, Bruce came outside and met us. He said he'd just seen Órla, and we should go inside. I had a plan for letting Órla know I was there ahead of time (oh Bruce, ye of little faith lol)... but this would be better. After receiving assurances from Bruce that others were there and he didn't think we'd be intruding, we followed Bruce in through a back door.

Once inside, we were right where Órla's harp was set up! I couldn't believe my eyes! I heard Órla talking and ducked back to get something from my bag and to ask Zee and Bruce to get their cameras out. In a recent email, Órla had mentioned she just couldn't get warm, so I brought her hand-warmers.

Órla spotted Bruce and said something to him. I was a few feet behind him and to his right. I stood there quietly until she noticed me. She did a double take and here's where my memory gets fuzzy. I think she yelled, "Kellllllls!" and then her jaw dropped open in shock! After a bit...she was still in shock! I was smiling huge, and held my arms out for a hug. In short order, she held her arms out too and we met in the middle for one of the biggest hugs I have EVER had! She clearly knows the meaning of the Southern phrase, "I want to hug your neck!"

Órla and Kelli

Órla and Kelli

Through the hug she told Bruce he was a devil, and asked me, "WHAT are you doing here?!" I told her that I could never, ever miss a tour of hers, and needed to bring her hand warmers! She said to someone, "She just emailed me last night to enjoy this show!" I think that may be when it dawned on her the extent of what we had pulled off.

Oh, and I was told I was a devil too...see?

Órla and Kelli

A few more hugs, including a big one for Zee, and we really needed to leave her to her soundcheck. She later told me that after soundcheck she went right to Denny and asked, "Did you know Kelli was coming?" He apparently answered, "Well, she told me not to tell you!!" Man, I like that Denny!

Here is a photo of her at soundcheck. Is that not the most beautiful overcoat you've ever seen?! Ms. Órla, HUGE thumbs up on the coat!!!


We all walked a few blocks to eat some barbecue (I wondered ahead of time about the wisdom of me trying to eat barbecue before a concert, but I was very careful and didn't get anything on my clothes!). After that, it was back to the church, in through the front door. We sat in the second pew, and I had a wonderful view. We noticed there were two professional cameras set up...I sure hope we see that filming some day!

Each and every song was amazing. I am not exaggerating...Órla is just that good! I was very impressed by Dan Shea and Mary Pitchford. I finally made the connection that Dan on stage is the same as Dan the CD co-producer (I know I'm a bit daft sometimes!). During one song, Mary played both keyboard and fiddle, alternating. When she was playing keyboard, she'd balance the fiddle and bow in her lap. How about that for multi-tasking? Mary's background vocals blended so beautifully with Órla's. I was left with the distinct impression that we were only seeing a tiny sliver of the talent that Dan and Mary possess.

From the very first song, I was emotional. Finally, here I was surrounded by friends, at my very first Órla solo concert. I have exactly nothing to do with her talent, I'm not related to her, and I have taught her nothing. But one wouldn't know that by seeing how very PROUD I am of her. She's made some shrewd and tough decisions, and has worked so very hard. There, sitting in that beautiful church, I was simply proud of her. So, the first few songs were tough to not break down with. And then...

Órla was introducing the songs with little anecdotes and began about the duo who wrote "You Raise Me Up." "Uh oh," I thought, "here comes Always There...try not to cry, Kelli." After that I only heard two more words: "dedicate" and "Kelli". And I was done for. I'm told that Órla spoke of my "lovely soul" and said I was one of the bravest people she knows. Now, as background, Órla knows what that song means to me. When it first came out I wrote her a long email about how it makes me think of my family, my dear friends...especially Zee, and Órla herself for closing rank around me and lifting me up when I felt like I was falling because of my health issues.

When I'm less than I should be

When I can't face the day

When darkness falls around me

And I just can't find my way

When my eyes don't clearly see

And I stumble through it all

You I lean upon

You keep me strong

And you rise me when I fall

Realizing what was happening, tears came immediately. I couldn't look at Órla, nor could I look at Zee on my right. So I just looked up and tried to control the volume of my emotions. I have no idea how Órla managed to sing that song. She said later that her voice cracked while dedicating it to me, and she couldn't look at any of us in the pew while singing. I do know that I was not the only one crying.

When the song ended, I stood up and gave her the most heartfelt "thank you" that I could muster. She responded by blowing me a kiss.

Órla, I still can't find words enough to thank you, but I hope you can feel it from my heart.

Whew! After that I settled back down and was able to enjoy the rest of the concert tear-free! It was wonderful being there as she dedicated Hard Times once again to Bruce.

All too soon the concert was over. They received three standing ovations, which seemed to really affect Órla.

After the concert we made our way to the lobby to check out what was for sale. To my pleasant surprise, Denny was there selling CDs. Now I ask you, what other concert have you ever been to where the artist's manager was working the merchandise table?! I am so very impressed with Órla's management. She is in good hands, and that makes me sooo happy!

We made our way back to the impromptu meet and greet. Órla signed items and talked to people as long as there were people there. No one was ever rushed. No one was slighted. Órla gave everyone her undivided attention and made us all feel special.

When it was our turn, I had a few items for her to sign. During the process, I was concerned that the ink smudged on one item, so I checked it. Órla laughed and teased me about wanting everything to always be so perfect. She announced to the others in a teasing tone that this is why she was so worried if her lyrics were "good enough" for Rich's auctions. Ha ha, Órla for YOU I want it to be the best it can be! If a mistake is made, I want it to be yours, not mine!

As she was signing items, Zee noticed that she didn't really have a good writing surface. Ever the helpful one, Zee turned around and offered, "Órla, you can use my back." Órla said with surprise, "I will not!" and something about standing up and enjoying herself.

I then presented her with a couple of gifts on behalf of the Órla's Garden fansite (more on this later, when she receives the balance of the items at home in Ireland).

We took a few more photos. I enjoy this one...Zee looks like she is up to something!

Kelli, Órla, and Zee

Alas, it was time to leave and return to the real world. Thanks go to Zee for one of the best Christmas presents EVER, but above all for your friendship. Mike and Brad, it was great to meet you! Bruce, we finally got to share our Órla solo concert! How about that? Joe and Kathy, thank you for the gifts...that toffee is incredible!! It's so wonderful having you two at these events that mean so much to me.

And Órla...once again there are not enough words. You mean the world to me, and I am so blessed by you!!

Here is a group photo of us. Pictured left to right are:

Kathy, Joe, myself, Bruce, Órla, Zee, Brad (Mike's friend), Mike, and Ellen, a new friend we met at the concert.

Group Photo

I had to include this photo. Neither Órla nor myself knew it was taken. It was taken just after I arrived as we were all talking some. Without using words, this photo sums up how I feel about Órla.

Kelli and Órla

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Happy Holidays from Órla!

Órla is giving us all a free song for the holidays! Click on the graphic below to claim your little bit of Heaven!

Silent Night Download Image

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Órla's song on CBS

Órla's recording of "The Water is Wide" from her first album was used on the November 23, 2009 episode of The Bold and the Beautiful on CBS. It is played as the matriarch of a family dies. The episode deals with some rather heavy subject matter.

The full episode is on the CBS website.

To watch just the part with her song Click here.

Congrats on some nice exposure, Órla!!

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Most Added Single

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas was released recently to radio stations throughout America. In the first week of release, it was the #1 Most Added Single in America at Adult Contemporary Radio. Congratulations, Órla!!

Update December 1, 2009: This song is now the Most Added Single for THREE weeks running!!

Radio Image

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Christmas single released on iTunes

Órla has released Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas on iTunes. Click here to download this very beautiful song!
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Órla has been nominated!

Órla has been nominated under four categories for an Irish Music Award! For more information, visit our Projects page.
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Distant Shore released!

September 22nd was an exciting day for Órla fans! The long awaited solo CD Distant Shore was released! This CD has met with consistent and enthusiastic fan acclaim. Órla worked very hard on this recording and the effort most definitely has rewarded her fans. If you don't own Distant Shore yet, do yourself a favor and visit our Discography page and check it out!

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QVC with Órla!

Early August 2009 brought the news to Órla's fans that she would be making an appearance with Jim Brickman and Mark Masri at QVC Studios in West Chester, Pennsylvania. The excitement was immediate, as my dear friend Zee works literally three miles from there! Zee had performed there some years prior with her Christmas caroling group and was very familiar with the studio. She immediately set about trying to get a ticket to be in the studio audience. Unfortunately she didn't have to wait long to learn that not only was there no more audience seats available, but the waiting list was even full! So close, and yet so far!

Some time passed and I contacted Órla to let her know that, although Zee wouldn't be in the actual building, she would still have a strong supporter nearby. Imagine my complete shock when within 24 hours I received a reply back. Órla had worked her magic and gotten Zee two tickets!!! We found out later that Órla had seen Zee's post on the Celtic Woman Forum and had been working on getting tickets for a few days. How special is that? Órla said she had hoped I could use the second ticket, but knew that distance was an issue. I initially felt it was impossible for me to go. However, Zee is very persuasive, Órla is a powerful draw, and Priceline name-your-own-price came through for me! It was settled, and I delighted in telling Órla that we'd gratefully accept her offer. Órla responded that we'd made her day! Can you imagine that?

Five days later Zee and I floated in to the QVC Studios. Although the first checkpoint didn't have our names on the list, she let us through anyway. The following two checkpoints were expecting us. As we waited in line, it was difficult to contain our excitement. Finally, we were let in to the studio and seated on the house right about a third the way up the small studio. We were set!! We hadn't seen Órla in person since her time with Celtic Woman. So much had happened in our personal lives in that time, and it felt so good to be in an audience of hers again.

After being seated, a staff member came to us and requested to see our tickets. She said, "So you're here to see Órla Fallon?" When we responded in the affirmative she asked, "Is she the dancer?" Zee and I gave each other quizzical looks. I thought, "Just what kind of show IS this Beautiful World?" Laughing, we told the woman, "Well, she does dance At The Ceili! And she does the Orinoco Wave! But really, she is the harpist." We then dissolved in laughter as the staffer walked away, confident in the knowledge that she had some crazy fans on her hands!

Later on another staffer came to us and told us to stay in our seats after the show. Someone would come back to us and escort us to studio ops; we hoped that was a good thing! Órla had mentioned she'd wait around after the show to chat with us.

The next order of the day was "audience training". They taught us what hand signal meant "make more noise" and what meant "OK that's enough noise". There were a few others as well. Jim Brickman came out for an initial introduction (oh yes, other artists were there besides Órla!). Mr. Brickman then briefly brought out Mark Masri and Órla. We clapped and yelled and had a tough time staying in our seats. Órla didn't have a chance to spot us.

Finally Órla's harp was set up and she came back out to perform Zee's favorite song, Isle of Inisfree. When Órla looked into the audience she spotted us this time! We knew this by the big grin and the outstretched waving hand! Oh, how wonderful it was to see her perform again in person!

I was amazed at how many copies of the CD they sold (Beautiful World). By the end of the show over 4000 copies sold! That is the QVC marketing machine right there!

Following the show, the audience was told to stay in our seats. The show was extended and we were to be the audience for Tony Orlando and Bowzer, of Sha Na Na fame. While all of this was exciting, we wondered if Órla would have 30 minutes available to wait for us.

A few minutes later a staffer came to our seats and asked if we wanted to watch Tony Orlando or go to studio ops and see Órla. Gee, with apologies to Mr. Orlando, this was not a tough choice! The next few minutes were spent getting off of the set without getting in any of the camera shots. I was impressed with the coordination. Radio camera one operator--”can we walk to there now?"--no, wait 30 seconds--”OK, go fast!”-- radio camera two operator--”OK, go!"--radio camera three--”coast is clear but the door is locked!”--Uh oh, quick, back the other way!--”wait, we'll radio and get the door unlocked”-- turn around again--whew---finally off set! We were led through the backstage areas to studio ops and taken to a desk. The woman behind the desk asked us, "Now, you're SURE she is expecting you?" After she was satisfied she told us which door to go to.

When the door was opened, I glimpsed Mr. Brickman, Mark Masri, and several other folks. Zee was in front of me with the yellow rose we had brought for Órla. I knew Órla had spotted Zee by the high-pitched squeal emanating from the room (Ms. Órla may be an alto, but she has incredible range)! Órla then literally ran to Zee and engulfed her in a hug...and my hug was immediately after that!

We were able to spend a relaxed 25 minutes just chatting away with her. They were priceless moments! Órla introduced us to a member of her management team, someone I had communicated with via email. It was great to put a face to the name. Zee and I were told that she sat right behind us in the studio...hope we weren't too distracting for you, Laura! So many people had messages for Órla, so I had written each name down and gave her the list. She carefully read each name and smiled broadly.

Órla then looked up and spotted Tony Orlando, who had finished his 30 minute show. He grinned broadly and came over to chat. Órla introduced us to him. I was very impressed with how warm and friendly he was! Then something magical happened...Mr. Orlando began naming songs of his...and Órla would sing a few bars of them! Órla's parents are big Tony Orlando fans. Zee and I watched dumbfounded as Órla sang a few stanzas of song after song after song. This delighted Mr. Orlando! There were two or so songs that Órla didn't recognize by name, so Mr. Orlando would sing until she recognized the song, and then they'd sing together. All I could think was, "Am I really here? Am I really hearing this?"

Believe it or not, the evening got even better!! Órla asked if we could all get a few pictures together. Thanks to Órla, we will always have our memories of this amazing evening captured in pictures.

Sadly, the evening had to end. Another round of big hugs was called for and we were then escorted out of the studios. As soon as Zee and I made it to the outside, we were no longer able to contain our squeals of delight...I'm sure they could be heard for quite a distance! We shared and recapped the evening over a yummy Italian dinner. I believe both Zee and I still have to pinch ourselves to know it really happened!!

To dear Órla, thank you sooooo much for one of the best evenings ever!!!

Kelli, Órla, and Zee

Zee, Tony, Kelli and Órla